Special presentation

Bringing STEM to life

Tuesday, June 21

11AM (BST)

With more and more young people being encouraged into STEM careers, educators at every level are looking for effective ways to deliver technical curriculums to today’s student for tomorrow’s workforce.

Alongside careful lesson planning and pedagogy, successful STEM learning means institutions teaching students of all ages need to invest in the right technology for an engaging experience.

Join us as we take a look at the must-have solutions for your STEM programme, from platforms to hardware, plus we’ll take an in depth look at wireless collaboration devices and interactive displays.

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Tallula Brogan - Education Technology Editor


Nick Inoue

A vice president at ELMO Europe, I developed my business career mostly in the field of marketing in AV/IT industry since 1990 after graduating from a local university in Japan. With such a long and professional expertise, I came to ELMO Europe in 2018 and have been heading sales and marketing of ELMO brand, products and services in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region since then. I hope all the participants of our webinar will find something that may help educators, teachers and/or students to improve the quality of learning for future.

Toby Jackson

Heading the sales and marketing function at Elmo Europe, I am responsible for all aspects of sales and marketing of the Elmo portfolio including interactive white boards, wireless collaboration systems, control systems and visualisers. I cover the whole of the UK and Ireland and manage a large number of audio-visual resellers in the education and corporate sectors. My primary focus is to promote the full educational experience across the sector through our interactive learning classroom technology suite.

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