HID Mobile Access: The right access control solution to meet the dynamic needs of campus environments

Today’s campus environment provides a dynamic space where the community can embrace the mission of learning established by higher education institutions

Leading the charge in this rapidly changing environment are mobile devices, which have become ever-present in today’s colleges and universities. Mobile is transforming every facet of campus life for this generation of students, including the next wave of access control technology – which is where HID Mobile Access comes in.

With HID Mobile Access®, students and faculty can now use their smartphone, tablet or wearable to access doors, gates, networks and more. This award-winning solution provides users with a new level of security and convenience, including the ability to have one seamless digital identity across multiple use cases.

For security administrators, HID Mobile Access provides unprecedented cost savings and operational efficiencies, freeing up resources for new investments.

Enabling new levels of user experience through one digital identity

HID Mobile Access provides students and faculty with one seamless digital identity that can be conveniently utilised across multiple scenarios, all through one handy mobile device. Some of these use cases include:

Physical Access Control: end-users are no longer required to carry a physical card to securely access building facilities – they can instead supplement or replace their card with their go-to mobile device. Thanks to highly intuitive ‘Tap’ and ‘Twist and Go’ gestures, building access is more convenient and efficient than ever before.

Payment Authentication: students and faculty can also use their mobile device of choice to authenticate payment for dining areas, canteens and cafeterias. This option reduces costs associated with issuing additional cards, as well as boosts convenience by providing a seamless experience for users.

Libraries and Rentals: using the same digital credential, users can leverage their mobile identity in campus libraries to quickly and easily check out books, CDs, DVDs and more. Other opportunities include equipment rentals, such as those provided by campus fitness centres.

By authenticating one connected, digital credential, colleges and universities can greatly enhance the overall user experience, all while creating a more modern, professional and innovative impression.

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Providing security administrators with heightened efficiencies and cost savings

With a growing list of responsibilities, campus security administrators require technology solutions that provide operational efficiencies, cost savings and, of course, best-in-class security.

For campus security professionals, HID Mobile Access provides:

Improved Operational Efficiency: using HID Global’s online mobile access portal, administrators can create, manage, issue and revoke credentials over-the-air or in batches, saving them time and effort in managing access control credentials.

For users, HID Mobile Access apps are easily downloaded on Google Play and Apple iTunes, and have proven compatibility with dozens of the most popular mobile devices.

Cost Savings and Predictability: thanks to a user-based subscription model, HID Mobile Access makes it much easier to calculate the cost per student for budgeting purposes. Should a student lose their mobile device or purchase a new one, their mobile identity can be reissued at no cost on the new device. Even more, costs for printing physical cards are reduced by leveraging a mobile identity.

Beyond increasing user convenience and reducing costs, today’s campuses all have one thing in common: the need for higher security. To meet this need, HID Mobile Access uses Seos® credential technology, the Secure Identity Object data model and best practices in data integrity to bind each mobile ID to the device and protect the data at rest and in motion.

In addition to technical security protections, overall facility security is elevated by the simple notion that users generally guard their mobile phones more closely than their access cards.

With HID Mobile Access, both security administrators and the larger campus community will enjoy heightened convenience and security, all at a budget-friendly total cost of ownership.

To learn more about this exciting solution visit: hidglobal.com/mobileaccess

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