How VLE tech has delivered strategic success

Join the Unis of Huddersfield & Suffolk along with D2L to hear first-hand the role of VLEs in delivering their strategic success

Watch the latest free webinar from Education Technology and University Business. This time in conjunction with the University of Huddersfield, the University of Suffolk, and D2L. Listen to the effect VLEs have had on their institutions and the scope for impact on the HE sector as a whole. We conclude by handing over to our audience for a Q&A session, where our experts applied their experience to VLE-related concerns.

Our presentation covers the following

• The role of VLE’s in delivering strategic success
• How we utilised a VLE to move from an online passive content repository to a truly collaborative, interactive online learning experience.
• How we used a VLE to reduce administration and implement learning analytics to improve retention and attainment
• The value of modern VLE technology in delivering apprenticeships

Free live webinar & QA

The digital difference - Build a culture of reading with ebooks & audiobooks

Free Education Webinar with OverDrive

Friday, June 24, 2PM London BST

In this webinar, hear from Havant Academy Librarian Joanna Parsons to learn how she uses ebooks and audiobooks to help boost reading among her secondary students.