92% of UK teens wouldn’t feel safe heading to school without their mobile – survey

Yubo’s survey of young people’s phone habits was conducted following the education secretary’s admission that he would like to ban mobiles from schools

An online socialising platform for young people has found that 92% of UK teens wouldn’t feel safe heading to school without their mobile phone.

Yubo surveyed more than 10,000 UK citizens aged 13 to 25, in the wake of the education secretary’s stated intention to ban mobiles from schools.

Instead of outlawing phones, 88% of respondents said they should be utilised as educational tools in the classroom.

Forty-two percent said they currently used their phones to help them learn during the school day.

Although almost two-thirds (60%) said they would respect a phone ban, in the perhaps unlikely event one should ever be implemented, only 2% said they would prefer not to take their phone to school at all.

Fewer than half of those surveyed (48%) say they only use their mobiles during breaks and never in class, with more than a quarter (27%) admitting that they are “always on their phones” at school, class time included. Additionally, 12.7% confessed to having used their devices to cheat on tests.

Another driver of the mooted ban on mobiles, cyberbullying, was also in evidence in the survey, with almost a third of respondents (30.6%) saying they had witnessed online bullying or peer-to-peer abuse on mobile phones at school. The problem is widely reported to have risen since the introduction of pandemic-related lockdowns.

The main reasons given for using phones at school were to message friends and family (59%), using social media (53%), listen to music (51%) and play games (16%).

Other statistical highlights from Yubo’s survey include:

  • 35% of teenagers would like to see phones being used for integrating educational apps and games into lessons
  • 18% of respondents said they only use their mobile phones when it’s necessary, such as for contacting parents about a lift home
  • 14% said they’d like apps to be used to centralise lessons and homework
  • 7% reported that they never use their phone during the school day
  • 7% want to use their phones as tools to share educational podcasts in the classroom 

Yubo is a Paris-based online socialising platform for young people, claiming more than 40 million users across 40 countries.

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