Government offers schools comprehensive MIS advice

Underlining the “huge difference” a good management information system (MIS) can make to schools, the DfE has published a comprehensive overview of the most popular options

Schools looking to implement or upgrade a management information system (MIS) are being advised to consult a wide-ranging Department for Education (DfE) overview of the most popular options.

“Choosing the right management information system has the potential to make a huge difference to the effective running of a school, and to the workload of the staff who need to use it,” said the DfE.

MIS have gone through comprehensive changes in recent years. As the DfE advice makes clear, the best systems are now able to:

  • Cut costs to free up funds for teaching and learning
  • Help prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches
  • Increase hours spent teaching by reducing time taken by work flows and data processing
  • Speed up the production of internal and external reports
  • Help collect and analyse data efficiently, improving the impact of interventions and, consequently, outcomes
  • Improve communication at every level

The new government advice covers the eight MIS most utilised by schools, namely: Advanced Learning Cloud School, Arbor, Bromcom, ESS-SIMS, PupilAsset, RM Integris, ScholarPack, and SchoolPod.

No recommendations or endorsements are made by the DfE. Instead, the aim is to “clarify key features of each MIS and speed up the time taken to narrow down the options to a provider shortlist”.

Features considered include cost, attendance data, pupil report writer, assessment and tracking, cloud hosting, safeguarding, behaviour monitoring, parent and carer interaction, data protection information, and security.

“Schools must still do their own detailed due diligence, including checking the accuracy of information given on or collated from provider websites, before they make a final decision about whether to change MIS and which MIS to move to,” said the DfE.

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