Basildon primary school installs multi-sensory alarm technology

A primary school in Basildon has partnered with Bodet to utilise an inclusive multi-sensory alarm system designed to ensure the safety of all students faculty members

Noak Bridge Primary School has introduced a dynamic lockdown alert technology system in an inclusive approach to supporting the safety of their students. 

The Basildon based single-form entry institution partnered with leading industry group Bodet to install the new measurements, which utilises a master clock, a central control box, seven internal Trio sounders and two external sounders. 

The multi-sensory alert system is designed to inform staff and students what actions they must take for their own safety in the event of an emergency. 

Noak Bridge is a single form entry school with over 200 pupils with ages ranging from 4 to 11 years. With such a broad age range, it is critical that in an emergency situation, any instructional information must be clear and easily understood, especially by the younger children – Clare Barrett, deputy head and inclusion manager at Noak Bridge Primary School

The control box has four activation buttons, each activating specific announcements for partial lockdown, full lockdown, evacuate or all clear. Alerts can also be triggered by using the Harmonys Notify App. For users wishing to broadcast microphone announcements the Harmonys Talk app is available. 

In addition, an alert can be triggered by telephone for specifically permitted telephone numbers which the system administrator can control. 

The internal wall-mounted Trio sounders are multifunctional, incorporating a flashing light and an LED message display as well as producing sound. During normal schooldays the sounder is in standby mode, and the LED display shows accurate time in a digital format that is synchronised by the master clock. 

When an alert is activated, the display changes to a scrolling text message of up to 50 characters to visibly reinforce the audible announcement. While the alert is broadcast, a flashing light is also activated which not only draws attention to the announcement, but enables those with hearing difficulties to be alerted. 

The seven internal Trio sounders are located at strategic points within the school and are supplemented by two external speakers covering the playground and outbuildings. 

Deputy head and inclusion manager, Clare Barrett, commented: “Within our school we have children with a wide range of needs including assisted hearing so the Trio sounders being multi-sensory means all children will be able to access and respond to the alerts. Being able to create our own messages also gives us the option to set up pre-recorded announcements for things such as wet play. 

“The opportunity for the system to broadcast music will be explored at a later date. We want to develop the system and have the app installed on the phones of all staff, so if an incident should occur such as an intruder is spotted on site, the alert can be activated rapidly and maximise the safety of everybody at the school.” 

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