Teacher’s chemistry experiments become YouTube hit

Dr Matt Tate of Bradford Grammar School has met the balance of entertainment vs. education with his practical lockdown videos

Dr Matt Tate, a chemistry teacher from Bradford Grammar School in Yorkshire, is one of countless teachers who have tried and tested unique and creative ways to keep learning alive during lockdown, with this particular innovator turning to YouTube to keep students educated and entertained.

The teacher may now be considered an up-and-coming science star, with his series of 17 videos earning more than 11,500 collective views, hitting the mark for budding scientists looking to engage with science learning while their schools were closed.

Assisted by fellow chemistry teacher Rob Moody, Dr Tate has tackled such practical experiments as determining the products of combustion, understanding reactivity through the displacement reactions of metals, how to prepare sodium chloride crystals, making a pH rainbow, and more.

On his educational lockdown endeavour, Dr Tate commented: “Lockdown brought an end to our practical sessions, so we devised some experiments for the students to try at home. I don’t like the sound of my own voice particularly, but I put them together for the sake of the students.

“The kids really like them and it’s helpful for us because we can tailor them specifically for their academic level, so we have ones doe Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8) right the way up to A Level.

“It’s certainly kept classes entertained and we enjoy doing them and taking on new challenges,” added Tate.

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