Three young scholars win global writing competition hosted by edtech platform

The Intrepizine Writing Competition invited teachers to encourage students from years 3-10 to author an original piece to flex their writing skills

Students from India, the UK and Denmark are winners in the latest scholarly contest hosted by EdTech platform LiteracyPlanet, which challenged pupils from around the globe to write an original non-fiction article to be published in their Intrepizine online magazine.

Schools were asked to nominate one winner from each level (green: years 3-4, orange: years 5-7 and blue: years 8-10) to compete on the global stage.

Article topics were set in advance and covered a wide range of subjects including business, culture, entertainment, events, health and fitness, history, nature, science and technology.

This is the first-ever Intrepizine Writing Competition, and after its success LiteracyPlanet now expects it to run regularly.

Annelise Mitchell, education solutions specialist at LiteracyPlanet said: “There are some incredibly talented student writers in our community, and the talent on display made it extremely difficult for our judges to decide on which articles to publish.

“Persuasive writing and comprehension skills are such an important part of literacy education. We encourage teachers to regularly deconstruct articles from Intrepizine in class, to identify features, style and vocabulary, to prepare them for writing their own piece.

“To see such imaginative and well-researched articles was an inspiration. Thank you to the hundreds of students who participated and congratulations to our three winners.”

The winning authors of the Intrepizine Writing Competition are:

Winner: Tiara B – Sushila Birla Girls’ School (India)

Category: Years 3-4

Article: Count Me In

Discussing present-day issues of inclusion, and critically assessing human nature and society, this feel-good article illustrates to the reader why serving others is the ultimate purpose in life. Tiara provides practical ways everyone can help others in their everyday lives.

Tiara B was motivated by her teachers to be involved and said: “When I first heard about Intrepizine Writing Competition, I knew I had to participate as writing is my forte. I found a platform which provided me freedom to write about anything that crossed my mind, without being judged.”

Winner: Alex S – Wellesley House School (UK)

Category: Years 5-7

Article: Amazing Alcubierre Drive And Faster-Than-Light Travel

This article introduces the audience to space-time and how it might apply to lives in the next 10 years. Alex calls on expert opinion to bring the article to life and provides a compelling read on making fast travel to the other side of the world and space a reality.

Winner: Emilie G – International School Ikast-Brande (Denmark)

Category: Years 8-10

Article: 5 Reasons Why People Buy Crazy Expensive Art

In this article, Emilie presents the reasons why some art is so expensive. There is also a list of the most expensive art to be sold and an astonishing list covering what some people have paid.

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