A new academic year: a world of hybrid learning opportunities with Logitech Education

Whilst the start of the first term in September is always a time for education professionals to refocus and revaluate their teaching techniques and strategies, there’s definitely much more to consider on the heels of the pandemic

With full lockdowns hopefully a thing of the past, self-isolation following possible contact with infected pupils is sadly a legacy that will remain until the virus is controlled. As such, it’s important for schools to adapt to a hybrid learning model where a class may be held simultaneously to students both at home and in the classroom.

This model will inevitably become a permanent feature of modern teaching – bringing about great benefits for both students and teachers. However, to be effective, it needs to be supported by the correct technologies. Read on to find out how best to equip this year’s classroom and students with the ultimate hybrid learning tools from Logitech.

Empowering students and teachers with technology

Supplying students and teachers with the right technology is key to building a ‘classroom of the future’, suitable for hybrid learning. What’s vital for it to be a success, is providing training to students so they are comfortable using the technology and communicating digitally through typing, drawing and on webcam.

It’s important for students to feel empowered by the technology they use, not daunted by it. That’s why we’ve created products like the Rugged Combo 3 Touch, which is compatible with Apple’s 7th, 8th and the latest 9th generation iPad – easy-to-use technology many students are familiar with. The durable iPad case allows students to move freely between spaces and learn in groups. They can also get creative with our Crayon digital pencil, helping them feel engaged, whatever their learning style.

It’s important for students to feel empowered by the technology they use, not daunted by it

Digital tools can also help teachers better engage students. Presentation remotes such as the Logitech Spotlight allows teachers to digitally highlight sections of a presentation, meaning that all students can see what a teacher is gesturing to. They also include handy tools such as being able to move between slides with the press of a button, and Spotlight can even provide timed vibrations to remind teachers to move on to the next slide and keep lessons on track.

Giving every student a front-row seat, even from the kitchen table

For students to have as smooth and interactive an experience as possible, they need tools that maximise engagement by helping keep distractions to a minimum.

Students learning from home may be dialling in from busy households, meaning they may be distracted by the hustle and bustle of siblings, pets and parents swirling around them. Headsets, such as the Logitech H111, help students get ‘in the zone’ and block outside noise, and soft ear cushions ensure daylong comfort. More advanced headsets, such as the Logitech Zone Wired, also include active noise cancelling to ensure chances of distraction are minimised.

Mimicking, even enhancing, in-person interactions is important when it comes to hybrid learning. So, a webcam providing a clear and quality picture on screen is essential. External webcams, such as the Logitech C270 for Education, are perfect for students learning from outside of the classroom. It even works in dim lighting, giving students the flexibility to show their work to teachers and peers easily.

Hybrid as an opportunity, rather than an obstacle

Hybrid learning provides many opportunities to students and teachers alike, and with the correct tools, can provide for more effective teaching than the analogue methods of old.

Fortunately, all of these solutions and products are readily available from one place through Logitech. Logitech’s tools are built with both students and teachers in mind, with the aim of boosting knowledge retention, achievements and confidence (wherever a student is) all whilst providing value for money and ease of mind through industry leading warranties.

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