Abingdon and Witney College save time and money by automating processes

Today’s further education institutions face a number of challenges – especially the need to provide a strong curriculum to attract students and managing different campuses

For many institutions, there tends to be a heavy reliance on paper-based processes and issues regarding a lack of governance and transparency can occur. But what’s the solution to these problems?

Many further education (FE) institutions rely on several different IT systems to manage processes such as trips and visits, accident and incident reporting, expense claims, task risk assessments, student risk assessments, and student update forms. As a result, this can lead to disconnected information and poor reporting; however, creating a workflow that integrates with core business systems would help to drive efficiencies in terms of both time and money.

What are the benefits of a process automation tool?

A seamlessly integrated IT solution has a number of benefits:

  • Tangible time savings help optimise resources
  • Electronic flows provide greater visibility and transparency
  • Better reporting drives continuous improvement
  • Efficiencies enable management to do more with less
  • Structured hierarchies lead to a ‘right first time’ culture.


Is your FE institution struggling to manage several different IT systems and processes?

Find out how Abingdon and Witney College have saved time and money by using the FlowForma Process Automation tool:

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