Capitalise on hybrid learning opportunities with the right tech

It’s fair to say that in the last year and a half, teachers and students have seen more changes to classrooms than ever

We started the new school year more informed and better prepared following the pandemic, with a clearer understanding of the amazing benefits that hybrid learning and technology can bring. We know it’s vital for teachers to have intuitive tools that make lessons seamless, and for students to have the right solutions so they can confidently collaborate, engage and interact during lessons.

With teachers’ and students’ needs at the core of its products, Logitech empowers IT leaders, teachers and students with technology that maintains high standards of teaching and learning. That’s why, since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been working hard to equip classrooms and ensure quality lessons can continue wherever they are taking place.

Getting the most out of IT investments

At the beginning of the first lockdown, demand for technology naturally surged and we saw schools rush to adopt technology, purchasing the first solutions they could get hold of. Soon after, we’ve seen them reassess their ongoing needs and decide to invest in technology not just for the now, but for the classroom of the future. While different schools have different needs, the demand for quality, durable and easy-to-use technology is seen across the board. What has also been important is the ability for solutions to be compatible with existing technology in the classroom – whether that’s Chromebooks, iPads or Windows PCs. This helps curb additional costs to already tight budgets, extend current tech investments, and maintain consistency for teachers and students.

Offering better learning outcomes for students

In the hybrid learning environment, keeping students’ productivity levels up is key. With the right devices, distractions can be minimised, efficiency enhanced and the classroom experience, wherever they are learning from, maximised. Webcams such as our C270 HD, enable students and teachers to have crisp HD video calls that are bright and lifelike, even in dim lighting – mimicking in-person interaction. These webcams  also have a built-in noise reducing mic ensuring students and teachers can hear each other clearly – it just needs plugging into the USB, avoiding any tech adoption issues –  a priority when rolling out technology at scale.

Great ergonomic design is something that sits at the heart of all Logitech products. For education, we know students have long days of learning, and it’s important they’re comfortable in order to keep their attention. Education-specific headsets like our H111, which has full stereo sound and soft ear cushions, help them stay focused on the lesson at hand. In addition to this, our range of mice and keyboards suited to smaller hand sizes make for a comfy fit. 

Supporting teachers with tools for a new way of teaching

With busy schedules, it’s understandable that teachers need technology that’s easy to use and boosts efficiency. Equipping them with the right tech ensures they can continue offering quality teaching, throughout the school day. Solutions such as our Zone Wireless headset with active noise cancellation and comfortable leather padding help teachers give students undivided attention. They can also connect to multiple devices for seamless operation, and the wireless design means teachers are free to move around during lessons while speaking to students.

Engaging students even while in the same classroom is a challenge for teachers, never mind when they are at home with additional distractions. Tech has a role to play in helping this. For example, our Spotlight presentation remote is designed to support in-person, hybrid or completely online classes. Using it, teachers can highlight by creating a spotlight-effect on screen, magnify by zooming-in on detail, and precisely pinpoint information with its digital laser.

Getting creative on the go

If there’s one thing the pandemic taught teachers and students, it’s that teaching and learning from anywhere is possible. Thanks to technological advancements, lessons are no longer bound to the classroom – creative and exciting learning can take place in lots of different locations. This is why products that support the classroom of the future are important to Logitech. For example, iPad cases such as our Rugged Combo 3 Touch ensure protection of Apple iPads (7th, 8th and the latest 9th generation) when out and about, and essentially turn students’ iPads into a mini-laptop. This supports students whether they’re learning at school, home, or wherever their project takes them. Sealed, pry-resistant keys and durable case that exceeds military drop standards, make this the perfect tool for placing in a backpack and learning anywhere.

Again supporting the use of iPads, our Crayon pencil for students is built using Apple Pencil technology, giving access to hundreds of supported apps instantly – perfect for paperless and adapted learning.

Today’s classroom looks very different to what it did just a year and a half ago. Throughout this school year we will no doubt continue to see the learning experience transform with technology. Teachers and students can unlock new possibilities in a hybrid classroom – they just need the right tech to do it.

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