The elephant in the classroom

It’s big. It’s grey. And thankfully, it’s not here to stay

Any K-12 school teacher that has a set of tablets or laptops knows the educational value of technology in the classroom.  That doesn’t prevent the device deployment process or device management from being a headache and time sink for teachers day after day, especially when devices aren’t charged – or worse, broken.

The cumbersome carts for charging and device storage are supposed to ‘solve’ the problem, but they actually become the problem. Those terrible trolleys were not designed by a teacher or IT leader with the teacher or students in mind. Fortunately, there is a better solution to the poorly designed and space-wasting laptop carts.

PowerGistics vertical towers accomplish what no other cart, shelf system, or baskets ever could. PowerGistics vertical towers are the only 100% student managed electronic device charging and deployment system out there, saving teachers hundreds of hours of valuable time, not to mention reducing their headaches.  PowerGistics towers are so intuitive, the students don’t need any training to manage their own devices.

PowerGistics’ open door design means that teachers can see from across the room whether the devices are returned and charging. The innovative cable management system keeps all cords exceptionally secure – no more accidentally unplugged devices that bring teachers a headache the next morning!

Another way PowerGistics Towers reduce headaches is through their small footprint in the classroom. Two PowerGistics towers take up less than half of the square area than a single clunky cart. The mounting options are versatile too – choose a stationary stand, a wall mount, or a mobile design with wheels to evolve with innovative classroom layouts.



“We were looking for a product that was child-friendly to use, didn’t have a massive footprint, and was also mobile. PowerGistics ticked all the boxes and gave us our custom colours, which was fantastic,” said Mr. Alex Handley, ICT school administrator, St John’s Church of England Primary School, Watford.

Technology is meant to aid education, not hinder it. Let’s stop wasting teachers’ precious time and space. With PowerGistics towers, there is no longer an elephant in the classroom.

Want to see how big the elephant in your classroom is? Come visit us at BETT, booth number SL21, and use our free audit tool to see how much time you’ll save with PowerGistics!