Getting the most out of your classroom technology

Optimising storage and charging of technology to gain its benefits

Technology has transformed the way we engage with information, so planning lessons around classroom devices can create an immersive experience and help keep pupils interested. In this article, learn first about some benefits of using technology in the classroom. Then look at some tips on charging and storing your technology so that it is optimised to reap the benefits.


Benefits of using technology throughout the year


Pupils look forward to using laptops, iPads and handheld devices. Do your research to see what programs are available to make boring subjects more exciting. Online tutorials, educational videos and interactive games might be what you need to help pupils grasp core concepts.


Cloud-based applications make it easy for pupils to work together in real time. Consider educational technology for group projects and presentations. Individuals who are more experienced with laptops and iPads can help their peers, which saves teachers a great deal of time and encourages collaboration.


With technology in the classroom, you can cater to individual learning preferences. Adjust your lesson plans to leave room for assignment flexibility.

One of the ways technology can improve your classroom is by giving pupils a chance to be creative through digital content. Pupils can show what they’ve learned using a platform that appeals to them. Projects that involve writing blogs, creating videos or recording original podcasts are all possible with educational technology. These experiences can be inspiring for young learners.


Educational technology makes it simple for you to try new ideas online. You might create a Facebook group for your class in which pupils can reflect on the curriculum with one another. Come up with discussion topics, and your pupils can like, share and respond to posts.


Laptops and iPads put your pupils in charge of their own learning experience. With the right tools, you can make sure lessons move efficiently and your time is used well.Using technology opens up a world of new opportunities and provides many benefits for pupils and teachers alike. However, this opportunity can also present logistical challenges. Keeping laptops appropriately stored and fully charged is a daily obstacle for educators. To get the most out of your technology, it must be properly stored and charged.

What’s most important in classroom device storage and charging?

Knowing how to store laptops in school and having the resources to do so can extend the life of the system. A well-cared-for device will last longer, whereas those stored haphazardly could fall, get stepped on and break. Luckily, by employing the right solutions, you can maintain the quality and usability of your devices, making the most of your school’s investment.

Figuring out where to store laptops in school presents a challenge because classroom space is limited. An exemplary storage solution won’t interrupt the classroom flow and is easy to use when needed. Choose a product that keeps all the devices together, as separating them can lead to confusion.

Practical solutions will also ensure pupils have the correct device. Assigning personal devices to pupils, especially among younger children, can become a concern. When choosing a storage solution for classrooms for younger children, you need intuitive equipment. It should be evident to kids where to put their device when they finish using it, so teachers can make sure everything has been put away correctly at a glance.

Find a solution that addresses common storage and charging issues

When picking a storage and charging solution, consider the most significant challenges. Look for products that encourage:

  • Organisation: With numbered shelves, you can assign a device and shelf to each pupil.
  • Cord management: Each device and its power cord should be neatly managed in its own place, to avoid confusion when pupils access devices.
  • Space: A vertical storage solution provides maximum space-saving in compact classrooms.
  • Versatility: Look for a solution that can accommodate both large and small devices, to prevent smaller-sized devices from falling to the back, and to accommodate changes of device type in the future.

For a charging and storage solution that will save you time and help you make the most of your technology, take a minute to learn more about PowerGistics, the smart alternative to the charging cart.

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