How can IT departments and administrators overcome new education technology pressures?

Choosing the right technology to meet the needs of your campus

Remote learning and hybrid-teaching techniques have been thrust into the limelight, with a huge focus on teachers adjusting to their new roles and environments.

But what about IT departments and administrators who are under new pressures? Teams are now challenged with ensuring new technology apps and personal devices are safe from security threats, while trying to service technology with limited accessibility.

For many schools and universities, they will need to go through some of the biggest changes to their technology systems that the campus will have seen in a long time, but how can the technology choices suit the campus, faculty and IT departments in this new era?

Look past the hardware

Choosing the hardware is the easy task, but choosing the software to go with it can be more challenging.  Complicated user interfaces, restricted access and incompatible platforms are some of the hurdles first faced. But choosing hardware with built-in proprietary and agnostic software eases that process.

BenQ’s Device Management System – DMS

BenQ’s own proprietary device management system (DMS) is built directly into the interactive flat panel or projector, letting IT managers control service updates and manage BenQ devices across the local network or cloud. From a single projector or multiple displays over multiple sites; all can easily be controlled with this simple, yet powerful software.

Featuring an intuitive interface, DMS is accessed via a web browser giving a dashboard overview of all BenQ technology on a network. With local or cloud configurations you can control everything from remotely switching on or off a display, switch sources for a teacher and even remotely control the volume of a device. IT managers also have the ability to check usage stats, system memory, upload applications to the displays and check network speed all without leaving their office, enabling support to be more efficient and responsive, providing a quick and hassle-free service for the establishments device users and IT staff.

This free platform enables quick access to troubleshoot and maintain from afar, reducing service calls, alerting security risks and eliminating screen downtime.

X-Sign Broadcast

Another free tool found on the BenQ hardware is its X-Sign Broadcast software. This easy-to-use content creation and communication software has been curated to keep the site informed and safe.

Using intuitive features, the platform lets users distribute key messages, school logos or emergency updates to one or more of the BenQ interactive flat panels or projectors at the click of a button.

Maximising the technology usage, X-Sign Broadcast turns the displays into digital signage with full screen content or feature key information in a ticketing format to not disrupt the activity on screen.

Ad hoc or scheduled, X-Sign Broadcast lets administrators keep in touch with staff and pupils from afar when key messages can’t quickly get relayed in-class.

Moving forward, and to make the classroom experience as efficient and user friendly as possible, IT managers and those within an educational establishments’ procurement division, must now look to implement solutions which allow teachers to teach to their maximum potential in and out of the classroom.

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