How to create a hybrid teaching and learning environment for your staff and students

In today’s world, having a hybrid teaching learning environment that benefits students both in and out of the classroom has never been more important

As we get ready to head into 2021 with COVID-19 still very much upon us, education providers still need to ensure that they provide teachers and students with the tools and equipment needed to teach and study remotely – technology is key to this.

In this article, we explore the benefits of schools having a hybrid teaching and learning environment in more detail.

What is a hybrid teaching and learning environment?

Creating a hybrid teaching and learning environment involves integrating a mixture of cloud-based apps and software solutions such as Office 365 and Google Classroom, as well as in-class devices and hardware such as laptops and desktops in order to allow opportunities for teaching and learning both in person and remotely.

What are the benefits of a hybrid teaching and learning environment?

Education providers have the opportunity to improve the efficiency, control and security of their learning environments, both in the classroom and remotely.

A hybrid teaching and learning environment has the following benefits for schools:

  • It enables educators to deliver lessons and interactions of a consistent quality in any environment
  • Whether learning in person or remotely, it allows students to actively participate, collaborate and give feedback in an accessible and inclusive way
  • Teachers will have a better understanding of their students’ learning levels, be able to monitor their progress and offer extra assistance and support wherever needed
  • Better student outcomes can be achieved as a result, anywhere and anytime

How can education providers create a hybrid teaching and learning environment?

RM provides technology to the education sector, and we believe that students and teachers deserve access to top technology that enhances teaching and learning experiences both in and outside of the classroom.

Our partnership with Intel® allows your school to ensure that teaching and learning can continue seamlessly throughout lockdown and beyond, with desktops and laptops powered by Intel® Core™ Processors, allowing you to create a hybrid learning environment that maximises educational outcomes.

The RM Recommends range includes devices that are perfect for pupils and staff alike, and boasts a variety of Intel® powered hardware solutions:

HP ProBook 440 i5

The HP ProBook 440 is perfect for teachers or students, particularly in secondary schools, who are looking for a mix of performance and portability in their device. The 14″ screen is large enough for students to be able to collaborate with others or work alone, whilst bringing with it a light and portable chassis, allowing learning to take place wherever they are. RM Recommends the 440 i5 for teachers and students who may need to bring their devices home, or for schools looking for class laptops with the expectation that learning from home may be a requirement at some point.

HP ProBook 450 i5

The HP 15.6″ ProBook has been a staple of the classroom for a number of years, and is a flexible device that accommodates hybrid teaching and learning and is also equipped with an efficient i5 processor. It’s perfect for teachers or students in both primary and secondary schools looking for a mix of performance and portability in their device, and the screen size is large enough to work on comfortably as a single user or in a small group, whilst bringing with it a light chassis that allows learning to take place wherever students are.

HP ProDesk 400 i5

RM Recommends the HP ProDesk 400 i5 as the perfect desktop for UK schools and academies. Having passed our rigorous testing process, you can buy with confidence and be safe in the knowledge that they are not only appropriate for education, but will also run the latest Windows 10 operating system. This means better security and faster performance, all with a familiar feel, and this product also comes with a blanking plate in place instead of an optical drive.

Trade in your old devices

Best of all, with RM your school could get up to £150 back for each device that’s traded in – as long as it’s not more than 10 years old.

For more details and full terms and conditions, visit:

If you would like to create a hybrid teaching and learning environment at your school, you need to develop a hardware strategy. Whether you’d like help with this or would like to discuss an existing one, get in touch with one of our experts today and we’ll be happy to assist!


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