How to maximise your investment in learning tech

Would you like to improve measurable outcomes for students in your school, college or multi-academy trust, make your IT budget go further and even earn rewards at the same time?

In this article, we explore the ways that IT leaders can maximise their investment in learning tech – read on to find out more.

Financial benefits

Keeping IT property up-to-date can also save schools money in the long term, by lowering the total cost of ownership.

Education establishments can benefit from significant cost savings by increasing the life of their IT equipment through maintenance, upgrades and extended support. In addition, by responsibly recycling your devices through a third-party recycling programme, you may also receive cash rewards in return.

You may also be interested to learn that some tech companies also offer educational establishments the chance to earn financial benefits by trading in old PCs, laptops, desktops, workstations, tablets or monitors as part of trade-in programmes. You can also choose whether you receive your financial reward in the form of cash or credit to spend on tech/services/training/software.

In addition, your education establishment may also be able to access special pricing on particular devices, adding further financial benefits.


As IT leaders will know, in today’s world sustainability is more important than ever. But did you know that waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK? And that 25% of our WEEE waste could be repaired and re-used?*

Educational establishments use a host of IT equipment on a day-to-day basis, and unfortunately they are a large contributor to this problem. However, it may surprise you to learn that workstations, laptops, inkjet, laser and multifunction printers and even interactive whiteboards can all be recycled and correctly disposed of at the end of their lifecycle.

By following an approach to IT procurement and product lifecycles that is not only more socially responsible but also more sustainable, IT leaders can encourage staff and students to adopt a ‘renew, recycle and reuse’ system that will help to support the environment.

As a result of correctly maintaining your IT equipment, not only will your school be able to extend the lifecycle of its IT assets, but you will also be able to reduce the quantity of natural resources that are used within the manufacturing process of devices and ensure that equipment doesn’t end up in landfill too.

Learning outcomes

In addition, keeping IT equipment up-to-date is also important for student success. For example, by addressing the priorities in your education establishment that are most pressing, and ensuring that your devices can meet the ever-changing demands of the learning environment, you’ll be able to maximise your opportunities for improving the educational outcomes for your students.

By enabling collaboration and allowing students to share ideas and documents, inside and outside of the classroom, with tools such as Microsoft Teams, technology has the potential to maximise both teaching and learning outcomes in turn. In addition, it can also ensure that every student is equipped with the tools that they need to succeed in today’s classroom.

Introducing HP for education

Since 2012, the comprehensive HP for Education programme has been helping school IT leaders to get more value from their HP technology investment in several different ways:

  • Earning trade in rewards: As part of the programme you can earn financial benefits for your school by trading in old devices within three simple steps. Firstly purchase qualifying HP products within the promotional period from one of the HP for Education 2020 Partners and then submit a claim online within 30 days of your date of purchase. Finally, send in your trade-in device within 60 days of your claim being approved.
  • Spending your rewards – your choice: Cash or credit? With HP for Education the choice is yours! Through the programme, you’ll receive a £100 BACs transfer or the equivalent of £150 in HP Staffroom credits to spend through the programme’s recommended suppliers.
  • Special pricing on HP devices: In addition, by joining HP for Education your education establishment will also be able to access special pricing on HP devices. This includes the HP ProBook x360, specially designed for the learning environment to help students create and learn how they choose, as well as the HP 400 series, a professional laptop with all essential teaching and learning features at a budget-friendly price. All of which can help to improve learning outcomes for students.
  • Thinking of the environment: As part of the programme, HP will help you to dispose of your old technology and unwanted devices sustainably through the services of their recycling partner.
  • Maximising your investment: Through the programme, you’ll have access to the HP Staff Room, which showcases a range of products and services from approved providers that have been specially selected to help you maximise the impact of your investment in HP technology.


At HP, they understand how important it is for IT programmes to be delivered in a bespoke, integrated way that ensures the whole school or college is supported through the transformation. Through their team of certified HP Transformation Specialists, you’ll receive the expert support of highly skilled individuals. Not only do they have many years’ experience of working with education establishments like yours, but they also understand how IT programmes need to support the work of a whole range of teams, from class teachers and edtech professionals to middle leaders and management.

Improve the educational outcomes for your students by registering for the programme today. Visit the HP for Education website to find out more.



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