How to support students learning at home with ActivInspire

While teachers support students who are stilllearning from home, we can minimise the impact on workload by using resources that are readily available

Supporting students’ education from home has fast become a priority for schools, with many mobilising remote learning, implementing new distance learning technologies and navigating the practical challenges of not being in the classroom.

But for teachers who normally use ActivInspire in school, there are several ways to use existing flipcharts and resources to facilitate learning from home without having to spend time creating new teaching materials or learning how to use a new system…

Record your lessons

Use the ActivInspire Screen Recorder to deliver and record your lesson at home. Record your voice and actions on the screen to talk your students through the key learning points as if you were in the classroom with them.

Then, simply save the recorded flipchart as a video file to share with your students. The typical file size of a five minute video created using ActivInspire Screen Recorder is 15MB – making it quick and easy to distribute across Google Classroom, OneNote, your school’s LMS…or post the video to any of your school’s preferred platforms.

And the screen recording functionality is not limited to flipcharts – ActivInspire Screen Recorder will work with any desktop or computer application, so if your existing lessons are in PowerPoint or you want to discuss text in Word or calculations in Excel, you can still create these video lessons with ActivInspire.

Create supporting materials

Nothing can replace the teacher at the front of the classroom, but you can easily create supporting materials for your recorded lessons by converting flipchart content into PDFs, making it perfect for creating worksheets or sharing explanations and instructions.

And if your students don’t have access to a computer, the PDF converter makes it simple to produce a printable flipchart format that can be distributed as a paper-based copy.

Access ready-made resources

Through the online Promethean Resource Library, ActivInspire users can easily search, preview and download thousands of ready-made flipcharts. Choose from over 30,000 teacher created flipcharts for your own use with students – which can all be used to create video lessons with ActivInspire Screen Recorder, or shared as PDF lessons and worksheets.

While teachers are doing their best to support students learning from home, one thing we can do to minimise the impact on workload is use resources that are already available, and technologies that both teachers and students are familiar with.

If you use ActivInspire at your school, you can learn more about using it to support learning from home here.

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