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Adopting a ‘digital-first’ approach to lesson preparation could be the answer to supporting students and teachers as they navigate the return to school

As students return to school after months of home learning, re-engaging them to participate in and interact with classroom activities is a challenge. More so, as local government responses run the risk of students being temporarily shifted to a home learning situation at short notice, adopting a ‘digital-first’ approach to lesson preparation could be a practical solution to maintaining educational continuity in the long term.

A ‘digital-first’ approach will enable teachers to create lesson resources that are designed for classroom delivery but can also adapt to support students learning at home if necessary. Using existing resources will enable educators to be flexible, without increasing workload or impacting curriculum delivery.

Promethean’s hardware and software solutions work coherently to achieve this – here’s how:

  • Digitally minded – the front of class display unit, like a Promethean ActivPanel is the classroom’s hub of interactivity. Using accompanying lesson delivery software, ActivInspire, teachers can create powerful collaborative content to re-engage students when adjusting back to the classroom environment.
  • Responsive – if the need came for some students or an entire class to revert to a temporary remote learning solution, the lesson preparation completed using ActivInspire can be used to support students at home. Using tools like ActivInspire Screen Recorder and Screen Share, teachers can use existing content to keep learning moving.
  • Support teacher workload – by adopting a digital first approach, teachers can re-use existing content on a familiar platform, avoiding duplication of effort and helping to alleviate any additional pressures that come with a temporary shift in the learning environment.
  • Physical and digital – recognising that technology isn’t always available at home, ActivInspire lessons can be converted to PDF format and printed as worksheets.

As humans are social creatures, students naturally learn better within group environments. When evaluating where technology upgrades are required, school best practice is to prioritise supporting students within the classroom, but have a strategy in place to implement a move to learning at home if necessary.

To find out more about how the Promethean ActivPanel can support a flexible learning environment, book a demo here.

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