Ivy.ai and Creighton University develop free COVID-19 self-screen app #CampusClear

Ivy.ai, an edtech innovator and industry leader in AI, collaborates with Creighton University to develop the free mobile app to support COVID-19 self-screening for students, faculty and campus visitors.

With rising concerns over health and safety created by COVID-19, officials at Creighton University formed a committee tasked with minimising the spread of the virus through a hybrid model of promoting a social contract, in-person monitoring and self-monitoring. The committee turned to their AI technology partner, Ivy.ai, for a self-monitoring solution. Ivy.ai consulted with Creighton University to design the solution.

We built #CampusClear to help colleges and universities return to campus safely and make informed decisions about on-campus activity – Mark McNasby, CEO of Ivy.ai

“We’re all in this together, and at Ivy.ai, we have the ability and means to help, so that’s what we hope to do,” said Mark McNasby, CEO of Ivy.ai. “We built #CampusClear to help colleges and universities return to campus safely and make informed decisions about on-campus activity. The app is free because we believe every college and university should protect the health and safety of their campus communities.

“I see the app as providing a ‘passport’ that will be checked at all entry points to buildings on campus starting in the summer and into the fall,” says Dr. Carrie Hoarty, director of student health, education and compliance at Creighton University. “We are grateful that Ivy.ai is assisting with COVID-19 screening to help keep Creighton’s campus safe.”

#CampusClear prompts users to answer a single question each day: “How do you feel today?” Users select from configurable responses to reveal a one-day pass for visiting campus or instructions to self-quarantine. #CampusClear also provides real-time analytics to help guide campus officials as they make decisions regarding on-campus operations.

The app also supports contact tracing. Schools can connect data from their student information system to identify hot spots, track diagnoses, monitor potential outbreaks, and alert students and faculty who may have been exposed to symptomatic individuals. #CampusClear is configurable, enabling schools to add their logo and colours, and modify the daily question, user responses and response outcomes.

Colleges and universities can learn more and request access to #CampusClear online at CampusClear.com.  

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