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Offered by the University of British Columbia

The Master of Educational Technology (MET) was the first of its kind at its original inception, almost 20 years ago. Now, it continues to exist at the forefront of innovation and pedagogical excellence. The MET international online graduate programme is a leader in the field, specialising in educating professionals from the field of education and beyond on the use and impact of digital learning technologies.

This unique programme provides students with the opportunity to study and engage in:

● Technology-supported instruction
● Planning and management of learning technologies and eLearning
● Design and development of digital learning technologies and environments
● Digital literacy and digital culture in formal and informal learning contexts

The MET fully online programme is primarily available as a Master’s level graduate degree, an option which offers a comprehensive curriculum exploring pedagogical, implementation and development topics relevant to learning technologies and eLearning. This comprehensive programme typically takes three years to complete, and focuses on the following key areas:

● Teaching with technology as informed by contemporary learning theory, with emphasis on presentation, interaction and assessment
● Design and development of pedagogically effective learning materials for face-to-face, online or blended delivery
● Issues affecting successful planning, development and delivery of eLearning
● Leadership capacities for planning and managing learning technologies and managing organisational change
● Administrative, technological and cultural implications of learning technologies, with specific attention to strategic planning, organisational models, budgeting, development approaches and organisational culture
● Analysis of learning contexts to identify technology-related design challenges
● Exploration of research literature on design issues that impact teaching and learning using technology
● Practical experience using new technologies to develop instructional materials.

Learn more about the MET Online Master’s programme.


MET Graduate Certificates

Not ready to commit to a full Master’s programme? Not a problem – the MET also offers two Graduate Certificate options aimed at augmenting your skills in managing, designing or teaching courses supported by digital media:

● Graduate Certificate in Technology-Based Distributed Learning (TBDL)
for post-secondary or adult learners
● Graduate Certificate in Technology-Based Learning for Schools (TBLS) for school-aged students

As a Graduate Certificate student, you may select from the same range of courses offered to those in the full MET programme, and you will study in the same virtual community as students in the MET Master’s programme. New students are accepted into the Graduate Certificate programmes three times per year – January, May and September – and Graduate Certificates typically take 1–2 years to complete.

Learn more about MET Graduate Certificates.

MET courses

MET courses are designed to ensure that graduates will have a sophisticated understanding of learning supported by digital technologies in a range of different organisational contexts.

We recommend that students complete the required core courses (such as ETEC 500) as early in the programme as possible as they offer key skills and foundational learning. To assist students with planning their courses and schedule, the MET programme maintains a three-year projected course offering list via the UBC course calendar, making it easy to plan ahead.

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MET instructors work on the leading edge of curriculum design, technology integration, digital culture, youth culture, digital literacy, gaming and interface design.

Are you interested in educational technology and want to specialise your skills and advance your career in this field? Learn more about what this unique programme has to offer!

Three intakes per year – apply by October 15 for a January 2021 start!


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