More of us should be adapting to life alongside AI – here’s why

Not ready for a life beside AI? That needs to change…

Artificial intelligence (AI) could prove to be one of the biggest discoveries of the digital age, and yet most people are not aware of some of the major advances being made in this sector. Here are some of the reasons why more of us should be adapting to a life alongside AI.

More jobs will appear

As some jobs become obsolete, there are others that will emerge that could offer interesting employment opportunities for future generations. Tech development and other advancements have meant that entire new sectors keep popping up.

There’s already been a major push to teach coding and other important digital skills in classrooms from young ages. As AI becomes more commonplace in our wider society, education programmes will need to step up to help people adapt to the new tech. There needs to be a good balance between the two, with those currently in the workforce creating the next generation of jobs and graduates leaving school equipped with the skills to fill those opportunities.

New developments are arriving

There are so many interesting and wonderful things happening in the AI sector. Tej Kohli is an investor and philanthropist driving AI development as he sees a real future in it, and the big tech corporations like Google and Huawei all agree.

There have already been some incredible achievements made here; such as the Google Assistant, which can answer the phone and confirm appointments for its owner. Technologies like these could change the way we currently live our day to day lives, as smartphones did before and the internet did before that. The scope for what could be achieved here is immense, and it could open up new possibilities that we are yet to think of.

We already live alongside AI

We need to adapt to a life alongside AI because we are already living it. So many applications and machines that we pretty much take for granted use AI as part of their major functions.

If you have a home assistant or even a smartphone, you have access to an AI. It’s also used in our cars to assist with functions like self-parking, and in a whole other list of measures. If you have any sort of modern gadget or device, it will have a basic form of AI built into it. Though it might not be as complex as some of the robots we see demonstrated on the news, it still offers so many potential possibilities about the world we could live in with that level of AI being commonplace.

AI usage is on the rise, and each new discovery leads to more sophistication from developers and more interest from the general public. No matter what, you need to ensure that you’re ready to live a life alongside gadgets and gizmos with AI. You already do, and the number of such devices around you is only going to keep increasing.

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