Supporting the class of 2021 with ‘HyFlex’ teaching

The higher education landscape has changed as a result of the pandemic, and now, there’s even more pressure on institutions to provide a flexible learning experience 

There’s a reason so many of today’s higher education providers are turning to the HyFlex or blended learning model. Here, every session is delivered both online and in-person, with students choosing how they’d like to attend, and instructors don’t just deliver a synchronous lecture to two groups at once. Student participation and active learning are cornerstones of HyFlex, and they are prioritised despite half of the class tuning in remotely. But this approach requires investment in the right technology.

‘Can you repeat that please?’

When it comes to connecting to a live environment, audio must come first over video – without it, the value of the content being taught is lost and the ability to hear an instructor is critical to HyFlex teaching. Current UK government guidelines are clear: HE institutions now have to consider how to support social distancing in the classroom. To ensure all students, have space to be heard, flexibility will be a key requirement, in terms of both the layout and the technology adopted in the room. One element that’s commonly overlooked is acoustics. Many learning spaces may look state-of-the-art, yet, if the audio is poor, the result is a worthless venue for collaboration and capturing group discussions.

HyFlex also requires support for the learning experience of remote students. So, getting the audio right is critical – both for people present in the classroom and for remote participants joining from their homes.

Reliable full room coverage

Patented Microphone Mist™ technology is the power behind Nureva audio conferencing solutions. For remote learners, Microphone Mist technology delivers a natural and fulfilling listening experience, making it easier for them to remain engaged. For professors and lecturers – plus IT and AV support staff – it means freedom from the constraints and potential complications of conventional audio-conferencing solutions, allowing them to move around the space without distractions.

Nureva systems adapt to whatever space you’re using, continuously auto calibrating to suit the configuration and circumstances.

Built for the physically distanced

Working together, while staying apart; the full-room coverage provided by Microphone Mist technology means every word gets heard. Lecturers can make full use of their space and offer a natural, comfortable experience that will be heard clearly by remote students. Full-room coverage makes it possible for students and participants in the room to remain physically distant yet still be socially connected. From the front of the class to the corners of the room, everyone can take part and stay fully engaged – while respecting the need for space and comfort.

As higher education institutions cope with the effects of the pandemic, it’s become clear that the only constant is change.

If you’re interested in how HyFlex or hybrid learning can help during these unusual times, you’ll want to watch our latest webinar below and hear directly from Rodrigo Sanchez-Pizani of King’s College London as he walks you through the college’s approach to HyFlex learning, including how it supported students and faculty to stay connected, whether in the classroom or remote. Joined by Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO, and Ascentae’s managing director, Jon Knight, who share their insights into how combining learning approaches like HyFlex with the right technology and support can give students the educational experience needed to thrive.



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