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Andy Robinson, communication and marketing officer at SWGfL, describes the digital tools that help keep students safe online

As a not-for-profit charitable trust, SWGfL specialise in supporting schools, agencies and families to affect lasting change with the safe and secure use of technology. They have built an international reputation for developing multi award-winning educational online safety tools, services and resources to aid young people in their education and development.

A report published last month revealed that the UK is a world leader in online safety innovation. The independent study, Safer technology, safer users: The UK as a world leader in safety tech, highlights significant growth within the safety tech sector, with the number of dedicated online safety firms doubling in the last five years.

As part of this, SWGfL were proud to be listed as one the top 70 companies throughout the nation leading the way in online safety products. They have stood the test of time, with 20 years’ experience in online safety whilst still being a driving force in the innovation and development of tech both at home and abroad.

Products and services

360 Degree Safe

360 Degree Safe is a free tool to help schools review their online safety policy and practice. 360 Degree Safe provides schools with free access to our online safety expertise, and helps schools to both identify and demonstrate improvement in online safety provision. SWGfL walk you through each aspect of online safety, helping you to collaborate, report and progress. From today over 13,500 schools are seeing the benefit of 360 Degree Safe.


Whisper is the anonymous reporting tool that opens up a new line of communication for your students, parents and staff. Whisper provides everyone in your school community a safe place to talk, report or highlight issues and concerns. When they don’t know where to go or who to turn to, Whisper can provide a light in the dark. SWGfL are offering Whisper as a free service until 1 September 2020 – join the other 35,000 students who are now benefiting from anonymous reporting by signing up today.

Online safety training

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are now spending more time online. Because of this, online safety training for young people, their parents and those working with children is more important than ever. All of SWGfL’s training sessions can be delivered online and tailored to your needs with a wide variety of topics that can be discussed. They have been running online tuition and training since 2012 – this may be new to many schools, but to SWGfL, this is what they do best! Get in touch now to book your online training.


Swiggle is an ad-free search engine designed to provide a safer environment for kids taking their first steps on the road to safe online searching. Powered by Google Custom Search, the results are filtered using Google SafeSearch and educational resources are prioritised. SWGfL also filter the search terms to check that Swiggle is not being used to search for inappropriate content. Try it out now.

Working closely with UK and international governments and agencies; organisations and technology providers, SWGfL advise and shape policy, practice and legislation. They are proud to be a world leader in online child safety, a founding member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety as well as an advisor to governments and the lead partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre.

Their dedicated team are on hand to provide schools with expert advice and guidance. For more information, please contact them here.

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