SWGfL launches Edtesa to champion positive work environments for UK businesses

Achieving ongoing success through positive work environments

Leading online safety charity, SWGfL, unveils Edtesa – an online platform offering UK businesses and organisations a suite of digital tools to assist in online safety practice whilst also supporting the development of healthy, positive work environments.

Following years of careful research, the two tools being launched with Edtesa are:

  1. Dashup: an anonymous communication system that allows staff to send SMS messages and online forms to management. If a member of staff has a concern or wishes to highlight an incident, they can report it without worry.
  2. Tagflag: an online reputation-monitoring tool that keeps track of online mentions and analyses digital reputation. Tagflag gathers mentions and provides a detailed breakdown of sentiment and influence so businesses can assess whether they’re having a positive or negative impact online.

These tools draw on a wealth of online safety knowledge and expertise. Edtesa’s team of experts advise both the UK and international governments on online safety policy and practice, as well as act on behalf of the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the specialised agency for ICT. Beyond this, they also sit on the global trusts and safety councils of a number of major tech platforms.

Edtesa’s parent charity, SWGfL, has a 20-year track record of providing tools, training and guidance to schools and educational bodies. These expertise have been instrumental in creating Edtesa’s suite of tools for employers.

Commenting on the announcement, Ian Daniells, CEO of SWGfL, says, “Employers are increasingly becoming concerned about their staff’s wellbeing, and want to do everything in their power to foster a safe, positive work environment. One aspect often neglected is online safety, and continuous monitoring of an organisation’s digital footprint is necessary. Our team has over 20 years of experience supporting schools and lawmakers, to ensure children and young people can stay safe online. However, when we looked at the business world as it is today, we found that many of the tools and practices available were either outdated or out of reach for many organisations.”

“That’s why we created Edtesa. All organisations, whatever their size, will have access to the most up-to-date tools and services to keep their communities safe, allowing them to adapt and develop in the age of technology. Our products and services offer long-term benefits that aim to enhance productivity and value for business. Edtesa is there to support you.”

Edtesa’s tools are available here.

Edtesa is a wholly owned subsidiary of the online safety charity SWGfL and all profits will be reinvested back into SWGfL, a charity dedicated to the online safety of children and young people.

For more information please contact:

Archit Chopra or Joanna Wilmot

T: 0207 831 2225

E: [email protected] /[email protected]

About Edtesa: Edtesa is building on 20 years of experience in providing online safety guidance, products and services to responsible organisations. Its products are built with innovation at the forefront, always looking to support in online safety, data protection, communication and security.

As a subsidiary of the online safety charity SWGfL, all Edtesa’s profits are invested to meet SWGfL’s charitable purpose of ‘everyone should benefit from technology, free from harm.’

Edtesa’s team is focused on promoting online wellbeing for the work environment to result in long-term productivity and value. With its specialist team of professionals, Edtesa ensures its services keep up with the latest developments so your business can stay ahead of the game and achieve ongoing success.

About SWGFL:

SWGfL is a not-for-profit, education-based charity that forms 1/3 of the UK Safer Internet Centre. Its experts advise schools, public bodies and industry on appropriate actions to take in regards to safeguarding and advancing positive online safety policies. The SWGfl team also advises government departments at home and abroad, acts on behalf of the United Nations ITU, and sit on leading tech providers’ global trust and safety councils

SWGfL has been at the forefront of online safety for the past two decades, delivering engaging presentations and training to a wide variety of audiences nationally and internationally. Its work has brought online safety to the forefront of public attention, ensuring everyone can develop their understanding of what online safety truly means in an ever-changing world.

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