Tej Kohli’s Foundation sets goal of 2035 to cure corneal blindness

The Foundation is actively working towards a cure for corneal blindness

UK-based investor Tej Kohli leads the charge to find a cure for corneal blindness. In finding this cure, it’s thought that the general health and wellbeing of people throughout the world will be improved. Kohli invests in artificial intelligence (AI) to work towards this cure. His Foundation is actively working towards a cure for corneal blindness, and is relying upon technology, science, and AI to help find that cure.

Kohli’s interest in AI stems from his projections that this is the future of the world. The major science, technology, education and maths (STEM) fields are all going to be run through AI, and cures to illnesses like blindness are not that far-fetched.

Kohli is based in London, so much of the UK already benefits from his philanthropic lifestyle. In addition to his expertise in the technology sector, Kohli has used his institute to successfully give sight back to some people with vision loss.

Foundation and Institute

Kohli has made it his life mission to find a cure for corneal blindness. Through the non-profit foundation that he and his wife created, he also works to provide amenities such as education to the under-privileged. While his legacy in the world is already secure, finding a cure will put him in history books for generations to come.

The bulk of his philanthropic efforts are geared towards curing corneal blindness and he will stop at nothing to achieve his dreams. His foundation recently donated US$14 million towards the efforts of curing corneal blindness. This money will go a long way towards funding scientific research efforts into the disease.

His interest in corneal blindness is because of its effect on global health. The majority of people with visual impairments and blindness are living in some of the poorest countries in the world. Curing blindness will go a long way towards improving the overall health and wellbeing of impoverished regions.

Next generation of entrepreneurs

Kohli has a passion for mentoring young entrepreneurs. Several of his mentees have gone on to create their own very successful business. His company, Kohli Ventures, leads his entrepreneurial endeavors. The focus of these efforts are on technological companies in areas like AI and robotics.

He is relying on his investment in AI to directly affect the other causes he cares about in global health. By improving robotics and computer intelligence, that can directly correlate to improving global health and possibly curing corneal blindness. All of Kohli’s interests tie together with an overall goal of improving global matters.

Family life in London

In addition to his professional pursuits, Kohli is married and a father of two teenagers. In his free time, he also enjoys ballroom dancing and is a car enthusiast. While he works and travels globally, he and his family are based out of London where his children attend school.

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