The rise of the new interactive flat panel era

Banish fears over tech hygiene with the new RP Series

Engaging and collaborative learning environments are what schools and universities have thrived to create, but has COVID-19 put a stop to these interactive experiences? We think not.

Replacing the whiteboard, interactive flat panels now have a familiar presence at the front of the classroom. With many schools purchasing them for their intuitive touch capabilities inclusive for all ages and learning capabilities.

Fears over technology hygiene, social distancing and device servicing is restricting choices, but the new RP Series tackles these issues head on.

Classroom care

The wellbeing of its users has always been at the forefront of BenQ’s product development and that’s no exception here. Exclusive to BenQ, is its Healthcare+ technology which includes an antibacterial screen, a smart eye-care solution and an air quality sensor. What makes these features so important?

Ensure it’s only learning that’s contagious

Having introduced an antibacterial coating to its screens in 2016, the process has been developed and perfected to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria. Featuring a non-toxic nano-ionic silver coating, the technology acts as a barrier preventing further spread of bacteria and has been created to last a lifetime – even after heavy use and general cleaning.

Eye care, because we care

When visible light enters the retina, it does so through a spectrum. The macula of our eye is particularly evolved to absorb all colours within this, except for blue light. This is found in technology, which can be damaging after prolonged periods of exposure.

By featuring Low Blue Light Technology to decrease the amount of light the users receives, health factors including eye-strain – which can cause headaches, irritation and reading difficulties – are significantly reduced.

Fresh air for fresh minds

Airflow and CO2 levels all contribute towards concentration, attentiveness in the classroom and, as such, can have a positive, or negative, impact on classwork. BenQ’s RP series of interactive flat panels come equipped with sensors which monitor air quality, humidity and CO2 levels, helping you maintain the optimum environment, ensuring a productive, alert and engaged audience for every classroom session.

Workspace freedom

Moving around on-site and substituting classes can be frustrating for teachers who are not confident outside of their own classroom. By introducing personalised workspaces and easy access to any screen, teachers become more confident knowing they’ll be able to transition from room to room with ease.

NFC cards

Making access even easier, NFC cards or staff ID gives teachers quick access to any screen on the campus by simply tapping the card on the built-in sensor. Loading workspaces instantly, the lesson can start immediately. Supported by BenQ’s AMS (Account Management System) IT departments can create individual profiles for staff to give them access to personalised features.

Cloud access

Working from home or in-class, lesson preparation can be stored and accessed from cloud storage platforms and downloaded directly on the screen when you need them. Saving storage and carrying heavy book bags!

A helping hand

Finally, even teachers need a helping hand. Supporting BYOD, teachers can keep pupils engaged by incorporating personal devices into the space. Using BenQ’s InstaShare app, the devices can wirelessly connect to the screen technology to allow multiple participation at once from their seats.

Ideal for the new classroom format, hygiene concerns over shared technology is reduced and teachers can encourage the more shy students to shine.

Supporting the transition through hybrid-learning, the RP Series has a wealth of features to enhance in-class and remote learning. Available in three sizes: 65” (RP6502), 75” (RP7502), 86” (RP8602) each with 4K resolution and Fine IR Touch for precise control.

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