The road to hybrid teaching and learning

Investments in remote teaching and learning solutions are increasing – are universities ready to adapt to the changes?

In his seminar, The Road to Hybrid Learning, Philippe Remion, education business development manager for Sony Professional Europe, discusses the challenges education customers have been facing this past year. He also explains how universities – including Comillas Pontifical University, Spain and University of Lausanne, Switzerland – have invested and installed new AV technologies designed to make hybrid learning work for their students and lecturers now and into the future. Using this new technology, Comillas Pontifical University has safely delivered over 900 hours of classes to more than 6,000 students a day and expect it to continue to aid teaching into the coming months and years. Philippe’s team worked in partnership with the university to find the best solution, “We really want to enter the university with a strong partnership with them. This is the sort of thing that Sony is known for,” he said.

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Planning for the new normal

These universities are ahead of the game whilst others are falling behind, but hybrid learning is here to stay so investment must be made now. Installing the right technology that aids both remote and also face-to-face teaching can help to ensure universities continue to support not only remote participants, but also leverage the technology to improve learning outcomes once students return to campus.

How Sony can help

The Sony Solution addresses the needs for a seamless hybrid set-up: clear sight of the lecturer and whiteboard with Edge Analytics Appliance movement tracking and handwriting extraction, Beamforming Microphone for in-room amplification and online audio clarity, 4K remote cameras for video streaming recording or in class display and UbiCast for when lecture capture and content distribution is required. In his seminar, Philippe presents a live demo and discusses how Sony brings these systems together to offer a truly unique fully integrated, seamless solution for universities, and one that fits perfectly into the mix. “We are witnessing something that is going to be really game changing to learning and being part of that is very exciting,” added Philippe.

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