Tools to ensure remote assessment with integrity

Gill Rowell, education manager at Turnitin, on how the right plagiarism detection tool can help both students and institutions succeed

It seems remote learning will be a fact of life in some form or other for the foreseeable future. This ‘new normal’ means that your students will have a degree of academic independence never seen before. 

Having the right tools to help them avoid plagiarism and other forms of misconduct in this unique setting is crucial in order to maintain the integrity of your remote assessments.   

One of the biggest challenges of teaching in the remote classroom is that it is far easier for students to collude and copy/paste information directly from the internet

One of the biggest challenges of teaching in the remote classroom is that it is far easier for students to collude and copy/paste information directly from the internet. The alien nature of their home study environment also places students in a more vulnerable position, creating an additional risk that they may turn to plagiarism or get others to do their work for them. 

Turnitin understands the challenges you’re facing. We have been helping educational institutions instil integrity and counter the threat of academic misconduct for 20 years. We know that with the right tools in place, you can continue to support your students and keep integrity central to each step of your assessment process – even in this landscape.      

Over 15,000 institutions across the globe partner with Turnitin to address various forms of student cheating, including copy/paste plagiarism, student collusion and contract cheating. Our software provides their educators with the certainty that every time a student submits work, it’s their own.   

Our partnerships help to create a culture of academic integrity at these institutions. We have first-hand knowledge of how instances of plagiarism can have a negative impact on an institution’s reputation, in addition to harming academic outcomes for individual students.          

Our goal is always to help institutions take proactive steps to mitigate these risks. Instilling students with the values of academic integrity not only sets them up for educational success, but also gives them a valuable life skill to use throughout their career.       

Tools to ensure integrity 

Turnitin solutions are designed to prevent plagiarism, develop academic integrity and support the individual needs of educators working across all education sectors. We can help your institution: 

  • Prevent copy/paste plagiarism and student collusion using the world’s most effective plagiarism detection solution 
  • Check the authenticity and originality of submissions against 70 billion current and archived web pages, one billion global student submissions and 170 million scholarly journal articles 
  • Tackle emerging challenges to academic integrity such as contract cheating, code similarity, text spinners and mosaic plagiarism tools 
  • Provide rich, actionable feedback to encourage student self-reflection and ensure rigour is maintained remotely 
  • Achieve time-savings of up to 38% on marking and providing feedback to students 
  • Utilise intelligent, data-driven analytics to improve the quality of teaching across an institution 
  • Help students cultivate writing skills, build critical thinking skills and prepare them for their career after education. 


Estimating the length of time that our education system will have to operate under the shadow of COVID-19 is far from clear. What we are sure of is that the need to ensure the integrity of our assessments, regardless of educational setting, will far outlast it.  

The risk of plagiarism may be greater in the current climate, but with the right tools, you can reduce its impact at your institution, safeguard your reputation, and give teachers and students the support they need to succeed.  

For more information about how Turnitin can help your institution ensure the continued integrity of your assessments, please email [email protected] or visit

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