US robotics and design courses for teens

What are the best robotics and design courses for teens in America?

We all dream of developing, achieving more and discovering the world. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to learn and travel at the same time. Studying different cultures and meeting new people, you develop not only as a professional but also as a person. And it is not always necessary to go somewhere yourself, sometimes it is enough to participate in programs in which people from all over the world can participate.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best robotics and design courses for teens.

1. STEM at CATS International College in Boston

CATS Academy Boston is an American school with a modern campus on the outskirts of Boston, which prepares international students for admission to prestigious US universities. Together with the partner organisation Stafford House, the Academy’s campus runs summer programs for teens interested in US education. Participants in the summer programs will be hosted on the new CATS Academy Boston campus, thanks to which they will gain invaluable learning experience at the American school.

Children organise meetings with local engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. The creators of the program are convinced that the children will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in the further study of STEM.

2. Computer game design based on the New York Film Academy course in New York

Classes at the New York Academy of Motion Picture Arts take place on the Financial District campus. New York is the largest independent film production centre in the world. Like many artists, directors, and playwrights, students at the New York Academy of Motion Picture Arts agree that New York itself inspires creativity.

The camp program is quite voluminous and intense, so in four weeks students will get acquainted with writing and developing a computer game and prepare a final project for a demonstration to the audience.

3. Design of computer games at Universal Studios based on the New York Film Academy course in Los Angeles

Classes at the New York Academy of Motion Picture Arts in Los Angeles are held at Universal Studios. The studio covers an area of 415 acres, where offices and filming pavilions are located. Thanks to cooperation with one of the most famous movie studios in Hollywood, participants in the summer camp will be provided with studio equipment and first-class training conditions. Universal Studios is located in the heart of Los Angeles and the entire world film industry, so fans of the cinema will be delighted with every day spent in the camp.

Students will study and develop computer games using modern equipment and computer programs. This experience will be a great topic for your self-reflection essay. At GradesFixer you can find interesting self-reflection paper example to know how to write your own assignment. Here the children will be taught how to use systemic thinking – the most important skill in the modern world.


4. Computer Game Design and Programming in Silicon Valley on the San Jose State University Campus

San Jose State University works directly with Silicon Valley. The large number of engineers, scientists, and business professionals who drive this vital engine of the global economy have developed their talents at SJSU. Other differences include the development of the first Cybersecurity Center at the Silicon Valley College, becoming the NCAA Division I Center after winning the Battle Bowl of 2012 and building a number of new and remodeled structures, including the Student Union, the Student Health Center and the Spartan Complex for kinesiology, club, and intercollegiate sports.

Children will apply the acquired knowledge in the creation of computer games, animations, and storylines. Excursion program: Silicon Valley, “Technology Center”, visits to Facebook, Instagram, Google, Apple, Netflix.

5. Robotics camp in Boston on the Curry College campus

Curry College is located on a 125-acre campus amidst parkland. This closed and secure campus is just 7 miles away from downtown Boston, has become a great place to host engineer summer camps for children. Curry College is also located next to the Blue Hills Nature Reserve, so the area is filled with breathtaking views and inspiring nature.

Children will use their skills to work with robotics or STEM. In addition to classes, students will visit the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard.

6. Programming Camp at the University of California Fullerton Campus

FLS Language Center has designed a summer camp for children that runs on the campus of the University of California at Fullerton. The university is located close to California beaches and popular tourist destinations. The camp program was created so that children feel all the benefits of relaxing in the sunny state – these are the ideal waves of Huntington Beach, exclusive fashion boutiques on the South Coast Plaza, Disneyland amusement parks and attractions, Hollywood and Beverly Hills landscapes. California, as the home of Disneyland, its sunny climate and beaches, has always been a favourite destination for children from all over the world.

The camp will introduce children to the basics of computer science summer program. Children will work on creating games for smartphones or develop websites.

As you can see, there are many options for development. The main thing is to remain an assiduous and focused student who knows what he/she wants. In addition, there is an opportunity to see many interesting sights, study interesting programs and meet new interesting people.

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