Finnish education company launch online AI quiz tool

The Finnish education company New Nordic Schools launch Kwizie – an online time-saving tool that helps teachers engage with their students using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

New Nordic Schools, a Finnish education company, has launched a new online Artificial Intelligence programme that can create and grade quizzes for students from any text-based resource, giving insights into each student’s level of understanding.

Research on the state of global education by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) suggest teachers have been stressed and overburdened with increasing responsibilities, and perhaps consequently causing them to consider leaving the profession.

The aim of Kwizie is to help decrease teachers’ burdens by saving time normally spent on selecting quality resources and creating interactive quizzes.

Unlike traditional game-based learning platforms, Kwizie generates quizzes automatically based on the chosen learning material, hopefully saving teachers manual work. Kwizie can be used as a stand-alone tool where no login information is required – students just need a code to start an assessment.

It is integrated to a large library of authoritative resources from third-party providers. For example, Britannica School articles are integrated within the resource library and provide instant access to millions of fact-checked materials – a service that is normally paid for separately.

New Nordics Schools co-founder and chair Janne Jormalainen said: “In Kwizie, the teacher selects an article from Britannica digital learning library or pastes their own text and presses a button, and the AI creates the desired number of multiple-choice or true/false questions automatically.

“After that, the teacher reviews the questions and can easily modify them. When the quiz is ready the teacher publishes it and shares a code for students to take the quiz. The whole process cuts the time to create quizzes from tens of minutes to a couple of minutes.”

It is also hoped that students will feel empowered to explore their excitement to learn and test their own learning, both independently as well as together with their classmates.

Research has shown that active recall testing is far more effective at building strong memories than passive studying. Kwizie is designed to enable students to strengthen their understanding of passive learning material. For example, if a teacher sees that their class is struggling to understand the content they assign, Kwizie can make it easy for the teacher to plan future lessons.

It is hoped that future versions will personalise quizzes based on each student’s ability and recommend the next steps for a mastery style of learning. Additionally, New Nordic Schools plans to increase the variety of question types and scope of media from which quizzes can be created.

Kwizie is also integrated with New Nordic Schools’ own Nordic Learning Platform, a complete hybrid learning solutions for students, teachers, and schools. This platform combined with New Nordic Schools’ educational system and consulting services offer a complete Finnish-based K12 system that can be used independently in a modular way, or together as a whole.

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