Tech board targets West Midlands employability

The Employer Advisory Board is made up of experts who can provide advice and guidance on getting a job

The University of Birmingham has launched the Employer Advisory Board to support its tech students and people in the region interested in starting a career in the digital world.

The board has been created in conjunction with the West Midlands Combined Authority.

Following a six-month trial period, the board will also work on increasing employability in the West Midlands.

The board is made up of industry experts, local business owners and university representatives who will guide and advise students on how to get a job after their digital bootcamp studies. They will also provide employment opportunities within their businesses or other external organisations.

The digital bootcamps are designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to tap into today’s technological economy. Past alumni have since landed jobs with local brands such as Gymshark, BT and Purplebricks.

Organisations involved include design agency Squibble, translation and interpreting agency Word 360, technology company Cognizant as well as other key University of Birmingham representatives.

The board has been created in addition to university’s scholarship programme, designed to help ensure students get personalised mentoring and career guidance to support them with getting full-time employment in the local area.

Kimberley Leary, managing director of design agency Squibble and chair for Birmingham in Tech, is a member of the board and an advocate of women in business. She said: “Hiring is extremely competitive at the moment and so bootcamps like this help to feed the pipeline of candidates.

“Learning to code is only one part of the programme, though. The success of the University of Birmingham bootcamps is also measured by employment rates post-graduation. So, I help to give a local perspective of what the labour market looks like for both web developers and employers.”

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