World Maths Day: applications open for biggest online global maths competition

Over a million students aged four to 18 will take part in the event on 5 May this year

World Maths Day (5 May) is back for 2021, giving students around the globe the chance to flex their numerical muscles in the biggest international competition dedicated to the subject.

Hosted by 3P Learning, creators of the online programme Mathletics, the event invites teachers, students and parents to register and take part in a celebration of the subject that takes place over 48 hours to account for global time differences.

The free, all-inclusive event is open to schools and students learning from home, and organisers expect participation from over a million students age four to 18, representing more than 17,000 schools in 200 countries.

The World Maths Day competition will pit students against peers all over the world in 20 live minute-long maths challenges. The goal: to get the most correct answers in the 60-second time scale and be crowned the winning ‘mathlete’.

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The Champions Challenge is brand-new this year, inviting the winning students from each age group back three weeks after the event to compete in a knockout tournament. Secondary-level participants in this challenge will have their event live streamed in a crossover event combining esports and mathematics.

3P Learning’s global education lead Christopher Hogbin said: “World Maths Day is about celebrating maths, having fun, and about being able to connect on a global scale. World Maths Day is one day where we have equity in education, a chance for everyone to get on board regardless of your math ability, your financial position or social standing. We encourage all students to ‘have a go’, unite with students around the world and practice those skills in a fun learning environment.”

Click here to register for the World Maths Day competition.

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