NewTek reveals innovative new lecture capture tech

CaptureCast™ is reportedly the world’s first NDI®-native, fully automated, micro-broadcasting solution

USA-based hardware and software company NewTek have announced the release of CaptureCast; a multi-input, multi-room recording and live streaming technology designed to drive participation among remote and hybrid learners.

The IP-based lecture capture and micro broadcasting system can connect teachers in any room across campus to students tuning in from anywhere in the world – powered by NDI®, the globally standardised video-over-IP technology.

CaptureCast can connect camera apps on mobile, software screen capture, and thousands of other compatible devices. Using NDI, CaptureCast also incorporates direct connection with video communication applications including Microsoft® Teams and Zoom.

With educational institutes increasingly facing pressure to deliver high quality, impactful videos to keep remote learners engaged, CaptureCast allows students to access content in real-time and rewatch and review on-demand.

CaptureCast aims to improve the live-streaming and recording of lessons and lectures by automating the entire record-stream-enrichment process. It moves between different set-ups for any given class, to a pre-programmed schedule or timetable, and maps the captured content to common learning or content management systems – without any input from teaching or IT staff.

The tech also ensures every session is enriched with metadata; tagging keywords, pulling data from slide decks, and spoken word, which is all made available to learners in order to help them better access the content.

William Waters, head of product management, NewTek said: “Video is embedded in every area of society and in today’s world anyone can get on camera and connect to an audience. Micro-broadcasting has become a ‘must have’ in education to meet the growing need of servicing distance learners, and outfitting rooms for flex/hybrid instructions to deliver an enhanced experience for remote students.”

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