Edtech startup app shapes future of physical activity in schools

Emerging edtech app Myphizz uses advanced programming to encourage kids to engage in healthier activities in and out of school

A Yorkshire-based edtech startup has launched an app designed to encourage physical activity in UK primary and secondary schools. 

With 100 schools expected to sign up in the first year, Myphizz uses a live leaderboard that allows students to create their own challenges in classrooms, playgrounds, or at home, giving them control over their own physical activity. 

Children can then compare their results across schools, with teachers also benefitting from access to a functional control dashboard that measures individual pupils’ activity levels. 

Myphizz gives children autonomy and empowers them to manage their own levels of physical activity through choosing exactly the types of exercise they enjoy – Adam Gemili, British Olympic sprinter 

Created by four ex-teachers with a passion for engaging kids in a healthier, happier lifestyle, the app employs an advanced programming technique that runs through secure school networks and can only be accessed by these communities via computers, tablets, or smartphones. 

“A key part of the Myphizz app has been building on our positive relationships with schools that we have through our other projects,” said co-founder Anthony McBride. “It’s crucial that we ensure inclusivity for pupils, while providing schools with a sustainable way of offering more creative opportunities for physical activity.” 

“With schools still being impacted by the pandemic and children potentially missing out on physical activity whilst isolating at home, myphizz provides a way for schools to continue communicating and engaging pupils in exercise whilst not in the school setting.” 

Myphizz works collaboratively with a range of role models to inspire and encourage children to become more physically active, including British Olympic sprinter Adam Gemili:

“The mental and physical wellbeing of children has never been more crucial,” Gemili commented. “With lockdown restrictions having a negative impact on activity levels, many children are now sadly not meeting the recommended level of exercise.” 

“The platform is so easy to use and I’ve found the images to describe the ‘phizzes’ really useful as it helps a lot of the children with their reading and spellings as they compare words and pictures,” added teacher at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Halifax, Siobhan Roe. 

“The mix of activities that can be set is incredible – we’ve used Myphizz for practicing our times tables as well as challenging each other to do as many press-ups as possible!” 

The app hopes to have signed up 700 schools over the next five years, with plans to utilise the link between elite sporting groups and educational institutions as a means for scouting out the next generation of talented athletes.

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