Getting digital learning right?

The response to the Covid-19 pandemic has augmented the pre-existing trend for schools, colleges and universities to deliver teaching and learning through the greater use of the digital technology

The on-going presence of the pandemic and its variations has seen an explosion in the use of digital technologies to develop blended learning approaches and strategies. For example, usage of Microsoft Teams grew by 50% in six months between May and October in 2020 from 75 million to 115 million daily active users, and the application has become of the major on-line platform for educational establishments in the UK and across the globe.

However, the increase in digital learning has exposed critical fissures in response to the pandemic in early 2020, and numerous lockdowns and school closures have been felt proportionately by poorer pupils, representing a stark socio-economic divide in lost learning hours and access to digital learning.

Regrettably, it seems there still exists huge disparities in the distribution and quality of devices, and digital divide continues to choke off opportunities for far too many students.

Class Technology Solutions (CTS) is a leading Education ICT solutions provider that provides consultancy, infrastructure services, network development and upgrades, and managed support services to educational establishments throughout the UK. CTS seeks to develop and bring to market innovative solutions, and has recently introduced to the UK the Easy4U subscription service.

The FCA approved Easy4U subscription service assists schools, MATs, colleges, and universities by offering a personalised, full-service educational laptop to their students, with a customised school-webshop, a self-service portal, and full-servicing and repair cover. The whole process is seamless, with parents requiring no credit-checks. The Easy4u school laptops are affordable and robust, selected specifically for the education sector.

Our aim is to provide everyone with the opportunity to benefit from, and gain access to, digital education, including parents and educators with limited financial resources to support the shift in digital learning.

The range of training programs and digital support that has been developed by Class Technology have been created to directly support the digital pedagogy that has become a crucial part of day-to-day practice in our schools. When enrolled on the Easy4U scheme, schools have access to training and development programs that will support staff and students with embedding these devices into the curriculum and learning within the school. CTS programmes focus on a range of different topics, including assessment and feedback, SEND engagement, and differentiation to highlight just a few.

Our aim is to ensure that an investment into devices is a success and that it proactively supports the development and progress of students. We believe that this is the future within the education sector and needs to be implemented with clear and concise planning and support.  CTS recognises that there is a critical need to maximise the use of ICT to support teaching and learning. Teaching and learning resources need to be incorporated into broader strategic planning, with training requirements identified and placed at the core of meeting curriculum requirements, ensuring that the biggest possible impact is being delivered in the classroom. As well as individual skill development, the relationship between the Easy4U scheme and a wider digital strategy to support a whole-school approach is key to the success of digital transformation and this shift in education.

In short, we want to support teachers on developing a blended learning model that will allow students to learn creatively and give teachers the tools and skills they need to drive forward the pedagogy they use on a day-to-day basis.

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